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Build a custom control map for Resolve with the Wave2 panel

Resolve’s native support of our panels doesn’t allow you to customise your panel control layouts or add new functions. But, with Warp Engine, you can overcome these limitations. With Wave and Wave2 this means building your own control map with Warp but this video walks through the steps and shows just how easy this process is.

Both Windows and MacOS are supported.

Ripple panel added to Skaarhoj’s Raw Panel protocol

Take a look at Skaarhoj’s video where they connect a Tangent Ripple to one of their Color Fly units, transforming it into a powerful networked device. The video walks you through from the basics to advanced tips. See Reactor sync with the Ripple panel, ready for custom configurations.

This is the latest in a series of videos where Skaarhoj demonstrate how to use the Ripple panel to control AJA’s Colorbox, Black Magic Cameras and other kit via their Blue Pill technology.

Tangent Hub v1.8.7 with enhanced Warp Engine now available

The latest release of the Tangent Hub now has an updated Warp Engine with a record feature. So you no longer need to write scripts by hand. Warp Engine allows you to map any control, on any of your Tangent panels, to any application. This is done through assigning scripts to controls to emulate mouse clicks, drags, scrolls and keypresses.

Examples of typical use are:

  • To add and remap controls in applications that support Tangent panels but do not allow customisation of the map. For example, DaVinci Resolve. The fixed map is retained, but the user can jump between that and their own custom map*.
  • Adding controls previously unavailable through the Tangent Mapper in applications that already support Tangent panels through the Mapper. For example, Adobe Premier Pro.
  • To control applications that don’t support Tangent panels. For example, Avid Media Composer.
* Applies to Element, Ripple, and the Element-Vs app with Resolve. For Wave and Wave2 with Resolve you can only create your own custom map.

Both Windows and Mac operating systems are supported.

Head over to our support page to find downloads and more information.

We’ve posted a tutorial to YouTube showing how simple it is to add extra controls for Element and Ripple to Resolve:

Element Limited Black Edition - Last few remaining

We have a few Limited Black Edition of the Element Bundle and Tk panels remaining. These specials replace the red balls with heavier dark petrol metallic balls and the usual Element rings are changed for machined aluminium rings. This isn’t just a cosmetic enhancement as both the new balls and rings give a more precise feel and better response.


The Element Bundle and Tk Black Edition panels are available from all our channel partners while stocks last.

New release of our Unreal Engine Plugin is available to download

Unreal Engine Logo

The original release of our plugin for UE was very popular, especially for ICVFX uses. We’ve now built on this to add more functionality such as Raw Input support, linking Actors to user Modes, Improved support for training of controls at component level plus much more. Head to the UE Marketplace to download.

Colorist Mixer sponsored by Tangent

We’re pleased that the IBC Colorist Mixer is back as an in-person event on Saturday 16 September in Amsterdam and we’re happy to be sponsoring the event once again. We’ve also donated an Element-Tk Black Edition panel as a raffle prize. So, if you haven’t already secured your ticket, head over to the Colorist Mixer website to grab one while they last.

Testing...testing... join our Tangent Beta Program

Beta Testing

Do you like testing new features? Would you like to help us make our products perform even better? Why not join our growing beta testing community!

You can sign up to the program here. You’ll then be added to our Beta mailing list, receive details of any new features which we’re working on and get access to our Beta installers.