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With a compact design you'd expect a compromise on ergonomics, features and controls. With the Element range, there is no compromise!


Sometimes you just need more!


When you need an all-in-one control surface, the Wave2 has it all.


Getting in touch with your software has never been more affordable.


For a great introduction to Tangent Control Surfaces why not try out our Apps for iOS and Android.


The original affordable panel from Tangent.  - DISCONTINUED -

A major support update for Tangent panels

We’re pleased to announce that version 1.7.0 of the Tangent Hub is available to download.

This latest release incorporates our new bundled plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightroom Classic plus support for Open Sound Control (OSC):

Adobe Premiere Pro 

  • Enhanced support for Premiere Pro – audio and effects can now be controlled.
  • Over 100 additional controls have been added.
  • We’re also hoping that Adobe will add further support for Lumetri in due course – we’ll keep you updated when we have further news.

Adobe Lightroom Classic 

  • This is the first time that Lightroom can be controlled from Tangent surfaces through an Adobe API. Default maps are included for Element, Wave2 and Ripple.

Open Sound Control

This is our first step to adding OSC support for our panels, allowing control of the many tools which can be driven from OSC. This release includes:

  • OSC messages sent on button presses and releases
  • OSC messages sent on Knob, Dial and 3-axis trackerball movements
  • Panels receive OSC messages to update their displays with Status Values, Bar Graphs or Text.

Details of this are included in our Mapper Made Simple doc, to help your panels to start sending OSC messages.

ColourLab AI now supports Tangent panels

Our friends at Color Intelligence have recently launched  ColourLab AI to further integrate the power of AI and cloud computing for digital workflows and colour grading. And we’re delighted they have now added support for our control surfaces to their plugin.

Users are able to fully customise mappings with Tangent Mapper and Color Intelligence have provided default maps for the primary grading sections of our products. There’s more details here.

Lowepost training courses... we’re on board!

Our Element panels feature in the latest article from Lowepost on why you need a colour control surface.

See the full post here

Red Giant add Tangent support to Looks

We’re very pleased to announce that Red Giant have added support for our panels to Magic Bullet Looks.

Testing...testing... join our Tangent Beta Program

Do you like testing new features? Do you want to help us make our products perform even better? Why not join our growing beta testing community!

We’re particularly excited to be working on support for Unreal Engine right now and would welcome your feedback to help us create the best integration possible.

You can sign up to the program here – you’ll then be added to our Beta mailing list and receive details of new features which we’re working on and access to our Beta Test installers.