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When you need an all-in-one control surface, the Wave2 has it all.

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The Wave2 offers a comprehensive range of controls on a compact panel for a keen price.

Precise and portable

The Wave2 has been designed to offer maximum functionality for the minimum of desk space. This means it's equally at home on a desk or on-set. The panel features crisp, easy to read, ice-white OLED displays to label many of the controls which will be used to operate multiple functions. The trackerballs and knobs both use non-contact, high resolution optical pickups for responsiveness and long life. As all controls are designed to be context-sensitive you'll be able to keep your most needed controls at your fingertips. The Wave2 will increase your productivity, leaving you to get on with what you're best at doing - being creative!

Widely supported

Most of our software partners have released versions of their applications which support the Wave2. The majority of these applications also support the Tangent Mapper* which means that you can even customise your control layouts.

*see the Application Support tab to see if your application supports the Tangent Mapper.

  • Compact form with durable finish
  • High resolution, long-life trackerballs with optical pickups
  • High resolution, long-life knobs with optical pickups
  • Knobs have a built-in "press to reset" switch
  • Displays to indicate mode and function of many controls


USB for communication and power
  • USB plug-and play (HID device therefore no drivers are required)
  • USB powered (so no need for external power supply)
  • A single USB cable
  • [[3x]] Programmable trackerballs with Master dials
  • Individual reset buttons for ball and dial
  • [[2x]] Additional buttons for SHIFT / ALT etc.
  • [[9x]] Programmable buttons
  • [[9x]] Programmable knobs with integral push button resets
  • [[3x]] Displays to label programmable knobs and buttons
  • [[9x]] Programmable function buttons
  • Standard transport controls with jog dial
User Manual
The Wave2 product User Manual to download in pdf format. Wave2 User Manual (11880 downloads )
Pre-Purchase FAQ
Answers to some common questions asked before buying Tangent panels Pre-Purchase FAQ (22470 downloads )
Firmware Update
Firmware Updater Tool
There are no firmware updates for this panel.
Please note the following important points:
Looking for the Tangent Hub or application support? Look under Application Support and select your application.
What application do you use?
Select your Application
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Apple FCPX
  • Assimilate SCRATCH
  • Autodesk Flame
  • Autodesk Flame Assist
  • Autodesk Flare
  • Autodesk Lustre
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
  • Blackmagic Generation
  • Capture One
  • Codex Live
  • Codex Production Suite
  • Codex Vault S and XL series
  • Color Finale 2
  • Color Finale Pro
  • Colorfront On-Set Dailies
  • Colourlab Ai
  • Epic Unreal Engine
  • FilmLight Baselight
  • FilmLight Baselight for Avid
  • FilmLight Daylight
  • FilmLight Prelight
  • FilmLight Prelight on-set
  • Filmworkz Nucoda
  • Filmworkz Phoenix
  • FireFly FirePost
  • Foolcolor Foolcontrol
  • FotoKem nextLAB Live
  • FotoKem nextLAB Mobile
  • Framewright LinkColor
  • Gamma & Density 3CP
  • IFX Piranha
  • In2Core Qtake HD
  • Lasergraphics Dierctor10K
  • Lasergraphics ScanStation
  • Marquise RAIN
  • Maxon Magic Bullet Looks
  • MTI CORTEX Dailies
  • Open Sound Control
  • Pixel Farm PF Clean
  • Pomfort Livegrade
  • SGO Mistika
  • SGO Mistika Boutique
  • DFT Sondor ALTRA
  • Sony Catalyst Browse
  • Sony Catalyst Prepare
  • Sony RAW Viewer
  • Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse
  • TVLogic Wonderlook Pro
  • YoYotta YoYo
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