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The original affordable panel from Tangent.  - DISCONTINUED -

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The Wave offers a comprehensive range of controls on a single panel at an affordable price.

Ergonomic design

Stylish enough to look good in any grading suite and compact enough to be used for on-set grading, you'll find all the controls you'd expect from a colour grading panel without compromising on the essential ergonomics. The wave features crisp, easy to read, ice-white OLED displays and custom trackerball units based on a non-contacting optical pickup.

Extensive support

Most of our software partners have released versions of their applications which support the Wave. When the Wave is used with the Tangent Mapper* you can even customise the layout of the controls.

*see the Application Support tab to see if your application supports the Tangent Mapper.

  • Sculpted wave profile
  • Lightweight materials used for portability
  • High resolution, long life trackerballs with optical pickups
  • 46mm diameter balls retained by clips, which can be removed for cleaning
  • Knobs have a built-in "press to reset" switch
  • Inlay provided to hard-label the Function keys


USB for communication and power
  • USB plug-and play (HID device therefore no drivers are required)
  • USB powered (so no need for external power supply)
  • A single USB cable
  • [[3x]] Programmable trackerballs with Master dials
  • Individual reset buttons for ball and dial
  • [[2x]] Additional buttons for SHIFT / ALT etc.
  • [[9x]] Programmable buttons
  • [[9x]] Programmable knobs with integral push button resets
  • [[3x]] Displays to soft label programmable knobs and buttons
  • [[9x]] Programmable function buttons
  • Standard transport controls with jog dial
  • Controls can only be programmed if the host application supports the Tangent Mapper. To check if your application supports the Tangent Mapper please see the Application Support tab and select your application there.
  • All designs and features subject to change without notification.
User Manual
The Wave product User Manual to download in pdf format. Wave User Manual (16568 downloads )
The Wave product Datasheet to download in pdf format Wave Datasheet (9871 downloads )
Pre-Purchase FAQ
Answers to some common questions asked before buying Tangent panels Pre-Purchase FAQ (21931 downloads )
Firmware Update
Firmware Updater Tool
There are no firmware updates for this panel.
Please note the following important points:
Looking for the Tangent Hub or application support? Look under Application Support and select your application.
What application do you use?
Select your Application
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Apple FCPX
  • Assimilate SCRATCH
  • Autodesk Flame
  • Autodesk Flame Assist
  • Autodesk Flare
  • Autodesk Lustre
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
  • Blackmagic Generation
  • Capture One
  • Codex Live
  • Codex Production Suite
  • Codex Vault S and XL series
  • Color Finale 2
  • Color Finale Pro
  • Colorfront On-Set Dailies
  • Colourlab Ai
  • Epic Unreal Engine
  • FilmLight Baselight
  • FilmLight Baselight for Avid
  • FilmLight Daylight
  • FilmLight Prelight
  • FilmLight Prelight on-set
  • Filmworkz Nucoda
  • Filmworkz Phoenix
  • FireFly FirePost
  • Foolcolor Foolcontrol
  • FotoKem nextLAB Live
  • FotoKem nextLAB Mobile
  • Framewright LinkColor
  • Gamma & Density 3CP
  • IFX Piranha
  • In2Core Qtake HD
  • Lasergraphics Dierctor10K
  • Lasergraphics ScanStation
  • Marquise RAIN
  • Maxon Magic Bullet Looks
  • MTI CORTEX Dailies
  • Open Sound Control
  • Pixel Farm PF Clean
  • Pomfort Livegrade
  • SGO Mistika
  • SGO Mistika Boutique
  • DFT Sondor ALTRA
  • Sony Catalyst Browse
  • Sony Catalyst Prepare
  • Sony RAW Viewer
  • Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse
  • TVLogic Wonderlook Pro
  • YoYotta YoYo
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