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Map your software

If your software doesn’t have built-in support for Tangent panels, you may still be able to drive it using keyboard shortcuts and creating your own panel mappings.

After installing the Tangent Hub software package (see below), you can open the Tangent Mapper and choose to create a new control map. Here you can add a new application to the list. After selecting your application window on the desktop, a new control map will be created for you that will be available on the control panels whenever you run your software.

In the Mapper, you can then build a set of control maps for your panels using the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’ option. If your software has a function that can be started with a keyboard shortcut such as ‘Shift-G’, you can configure a button on your panel to fire this key sequence into your application when the button is pressed.

You can also map keypress combinations to the knobs and trackerballs. For these panel controls, you can configure different keys to the different directions. For example, turning the knob to the left may send ‘Cursor Left’ to the application, turning the knob to the right sends ‘Cursor Right’.

Using the keypress shortcuts and the ‘Fake Keypress’ mappings, you can build up a complete set of panel controls for your application. This includes adding extra modes (complete collections of similar functions to switch between, that are relevant to different sections of your software), and using multiple control banks (that allow you to stack multiple control mappings onto the same panel controls for you to cycle through).

To do this you’ll need to install the latest release of the Tangent Hub and Mapper software:

See the New Control Map section of the User Manual to get started or, to get going quickly, download and read the Mapper Made Simple guide below: