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Developer Support

You will have been directed here as a developer who needs access to the Tangent panel API. To allow you to get started we have a developer pack which includes documentation and sample code together with some tools. The latest version can be downloaded from here:

When reading our documentation you’ll see that it’s possible to communicate with the panels through either the ‘managed’ or ‘unmanaged’ APIs. We would strongly recommend that you use the ‘managed’ version if this is acceptable to you. This gives the benefit that all our panel ranges are automatically supported (Element, Virtual Element Apps, Wave, Ripple and any future panels) with little further effort from you. This method also gives you and your end users the ability to use the graphical Tangent Mapper tool to configure the control layouts.

You’ll also need to install the latest release of our Hub and Mapper software:

Once support for our panels is incorporated into a release then we’ll add your application to our list and users will then be able to access the links above from our Support and Product pages when they select your application from the menu.