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With a compact design you'd expect a compromise on ergonomics, features and controls. With the Element range, there is no compromise!


When you need an all-in-one solution for grading, the Wave has it all at your fingertips


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Color Finale now supports Tangent panels

The latest release of Color Finale, the popular color grading plugin for Apple FCPX, now supports the Tangent panels. Tangent are excited about this much requested feature, which was first shown in it's beta release at NAB 2016. The release also provides support for the Tangent Mapper allowing the user to create and customise control maps for any of the Tangent panels.

Autodesk expand their support for Tangent panels

Autodesk announce support for the Tangent Element and Ripple panels in their Linux and Mac versions of  Flame, Flame Assist, and Flare. This expands on the support already provided in the Linux versions of Lustre and Flame Premium. Combine this with the support for the Tangent Mapper, and you now have an even more intuitive and faster way to work which you can customise.
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Quantel Rio now supports Tangent panels

Snell Advanced Media (SAM) announce support for the Tangent panels in their Quantel Rio software. In Rio you have the choice of the two SAM control panels - Neo and Neo Nano -  and now Tangent’s Element and Ripple control panels. All panels provide natural heads-up control of color and seamless interaction with Quantel Rio's comprehensive grading software.


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